Your Drums, Your Love - AlunaGeorge

Loop Song of the month goes to this track! The first thing I heard this track by AlunaGeorge, I immediately thought of Purity Ring’s Lofticries. Not because of the same female vocals, edited voices and ghostly aura but with the effects that give the song heaviness in a good way. I love that new bands are really experimenting with different sounds that actually give you a feeling of depth in beats like this. I don’t know if I make sense but that’s the best I can put to words how I feel when listening to songs like this. 

Idea of Happiness - Van She (SebastiAn remix)

Diggin’ this more than the original.

Quitters Raga - Gold Panda

Sitar combined with glitches. Incomparable to any sound I’ve heard.

Five Seconds - Twin Shadow

Gnarly. Just gnarly…and I meant that in a good way.

Fineshrine - Purity Ring

Named “Best New Track” 

(Source: Spotify)

Melancholic yet romantic.

(Source: Spotify)

Hey guys,

I think I burned my retina.

Heard this teaser track months ago in the radio and only now I remembered how excellent it was. Frank Magalona is the musical genius behind the hiphop/chillwave/electronic/experimental track “Gonus” which translates to “gone us” (he explained it via Twitter). This teaser track is reminiscent of Toro Y Moi sans falsetto and a touch of Wamoo Papez beats. I’m very excited on what this fine lad is gonna come up with next. 


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